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Environmental Justice Walk - Spring 2021

Thank you for sponsoring my Spring 2021 Environmental Justice Walk. Please contribute using the form below so I can keep track of how much is raised. Unless you direct me otherwise, your email address will be forwarded along with your donation so each organization to which you donate can send you a receipt. All donations are tax-deductible and will contribute to the important efforts and successes of the following non-profit organizations:
ACE (Alternatives for Community & Environment) "We work to build the power of communities of color and low-income communities in Massachusetts to eradicate environmental racism and classism, create healthy, sustainable communities, and achieve environmental justice." (
CLF (Conservation Law Foundation) "For over 50 years, CLF has taken on powerful opponents who would pollute our air and water and squander our resources. Our deep local knowledge, legal acumen, and policy expertise make us a prime mover in building our clean energy future, countering climate change, and safeguarding our communities." (
Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center "We are dedicated to protecting our air, water and open spaces. We investigate problems, craft solutions, educate the public and decision-makers, and help the public make their voices heard in local, state and national debates over the quality of our environment and our lives." (
Lexington Zero Waste Collaborative "Purpose: To educate the general public about zero waste practices and sustainable living; make access to healthy sustainable consumption choices easy, convenient and affordable; encourage and support individuals, organizations, businesses and government in adopting sustainable practices." (
MASSPIRG Education Fund "A consumer group that stands up to powerful interests whenever they threaten our health and safety, our financial security or our right to fully participate in our democratic society. Since 1971, we’ve been a voice for consumers, countering the influence of big banks, insurers, chemical manufacturers and other powerful special interests." (
Please use the following form to indicate the organization(s) to which you would like to contribute. (To make a separate donation to One Cello, One Planet, which is not part of this fundraiser, please scroll to the bottom of the page.)

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To date, One Cello, One Planet has received cash donations totaling $4,768. For a list of the many generous in-kind donations received, please see the Acknowledgements page.