One Cello,One Planet
Logo of cellist playing a cello that is colored green and blue like the Earth.

What We Can Do


  • Encourage our local, state, and federal representatives to support renewable energy options.

  • Gather the family together to set goals and help each other make climate-friendly changes.

  • Be intrepid in spreading the word about the need to move faster to address this urgent issue.

  • Vote green, and support green-minded political campaigns. Connect with local, state, and/or national organizations.

Change Energy Source

  • Install solar panels or investigate community solar programs.

  • Opt into renewable generation sources through local utility companies.

Conserve Electricity

  • Switch off lights and electrical devices when not in use.

  • Replace incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

  • Plug electronics into power strips that can be turned off when not in use.

  • Purchase energy-saving appliances.

Heating and Cooling

  • Keep heat set to 68° or lower when home, and 55° or lower when out or asleep.

  • Use a fan, or keep air conditioner set to 78° or higher.

  • Insulate walls and attic.

  • Install smart, programmable thermostats.

Recycle / Compost

  • Avoid single-use plastic bottles and bags.

  • Carry a reusable water bottle.

  • Use reusable shopping bags.

  • Sign up for curbside compost pick-up.

Saving Energy

  • Schedule a free home energy audit.

  • Borrow or purchase an electricity monitor to identify our least efficient appliances.

  • Install smart, programmable thermostats.

  • Purchase energy-saving appliances.

Sequester Carbon

  • Plant trees.

  • Replace sections of lawn with leafy plants.


  • Buy local and organically grown foods.

  • Eat less meat and other animal products.

  • Buy only what we need, and in as little packaging as possible.


  • Turn off the car when not moving.

  • Carpool, walk, cycle, or take public transportation.

  • Replace a car with a hybrid or all-electric vehicle.

Water / Laundry

  • Use cold water for cleaning.

  • Hang out laundry.

  • Turn the thermostat on the water heater to below 120°.

  • Insulate the hot water heater.

Connect with One or More Organizations

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