One Cello,One Planet
Logo of cellist playing a cello that is colored green and blue like the Earth.

Sponsor a Concert

The goal of One Cello, One Planet is to spread the word about the climate crisis, and to maximize fundraising, by offering performances in as many locations as possible. Please consider being a sponsor! Here's what's involved:

Sponsor a Concert

  1. Identify a possible location. Some options might include: House of Worship, Community Center, Private Home.
  2. Consider your projected audience size. (30+ is recommended)
  3. Choose a few potential performance dates.
  4. Use the contact page to send an email about your interest.

Publicize the Concert

Once a performance is scheduled, it will be listed on this website, and emails will be sent to the One Cello, One Planet mailing list. You'll also want to publicize it to all your networks! When announcing the concert, please include all of the following information, using the following format:
  • Sponsor name (w/logo, if desired)
  • Concert title (One Cello, One Planet)
  • Day, Date, Year (e.g.: Sunday, October 25, 2020)
  • Start time of concert (e.g.: 3:00 p.m.)
  • Proceeds to: \[Name of organization(s) to benefit
  • Ticket purchasing information/link

Click below for access to photos and other publicity materials you can use.
Publicity Materials