One Cello,One Planet
Logo of cellist playing a cello that is colored green and blue like the Earth.

Praise for One Cello, One Planet

If you've attended a One Cello, One Planet concert, please share your impressions:

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Very meaningful concert! It was fabulous. Brings a new perspective and purpose to climate change activism.

- Amy Wong, audience member

A wonderful performance. So moving.

- T.G., climate activist

Bravo to you for your creativity in bringing climate awareness to people through your gift as a cellist, and through the themes and music choices.

- Shira Lion, singer & climate activist

A very moving concert.

- Susan Polit, psychotherapist

With One Cello, One Planet Judith devotes her sensational artistry to addressing climate change. Along with the beauty of her music-making and the passion of her calling, she offers an inspiring example: how we each can, with some creative application, devote our unique gifts in service to the values we cherish.

- Lisa Sarasohn, writer

Beautiful, wonderful, moving, and inspiring! Congratulatons!

- Rebecca Strauss, violist & activist

Thank you for putting your heart and soul and talent into the concert last night. It was so lovely to take that time to be so present with your music and story, and the imagery and emotion that was conjured. Today when I sat outside in the morning and looked at the trees, I tried to stay present a little longer.

- Elisa Pearmain, storyteller, psychotherapist, activist

Incredibly powerful.

- Rabbi Katy Allen, climate activist, concert sponsor

I find your message and your aesthetic approach quite incredibly moving, meaningful, motivating! Your talent and skill is mesmerizing. Moreover... the melding of titles with music... brilliant! Bach today would no doubt agree! You have a unique gift, and exemplary activism!

- Rabbi Suri Krieger, concert sponsor

It was a wonderful concert, and a great, original way of reminding people of the importance of environmental protection for our survival.

- Christoph Borgers, Tufts math professor

Wonderful, important and so needed!

- Mary Alyce Groman, violinist

In the middle of the harsh words and actions from all sides, you offer a place where we can come into a warm bath...just to be together.

- Meg MacLeod, musician, dancer

Thank you for your creative environmental advocacy!

- L.R., audience member